Finally a storage solution for my Winsor Newton ProMarkers



Storing 148 of anything while keeping it organized can be a tough task. Before yesterday, I used an ArtBin that looked more like a tackle box to hold all of my ProMarkers. The markers were stacked into compartments within the bin so most of them were out of sight. Finding a certain color was time consuming and frustrating (sometimes my orangish-reddish color got categorized with reds and sometimes with oranges… oh, the humanity!)

So I searched the internet, high and low, for ProMarker storage solutions. Most involved placing shelves on a work area to keep them accessible at all times. I hate clutter and my “work area” is also my “computer desk” so that wasn’t an option.

Then yesterday, I found a steal at Joann. They had bins designed for marker storage on sale for $12. The “steal” wasn’t the sale price of $12, but the extra 50% off they knocked off for a tiny chip in the corner of the lid! A regularly priced $39.99 bin for $6 and I didn’t even have to use a coupon! Say what!?


I love simple organizing solutions and this bin rocks. After inserting the marker holding trays, I placed them by number according to the color chart. Now, I can easily find whichever marker I want instead of grabbing a bunch of colors to look for one.


I’m not sure if you’re going to find the same deal or if sale/clearances are store specific, but it never hurts to check out your local craft stores to see what they’ve got. And if you see any damage, ask for a discount!

Time to take the money I saved and buy more art supplies…

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